Feel Free Class Action

Arns Davis Law Files Class Action Against Botanic Tonics and 7-Eleven

Our team at Arns Davis Law is steadfast in seeking justice for those affected by the product Feel Free and the purported deceptive practices of Botanic Tonics and 7-Eleven in the marketing and sale of the product. We’ve recently initiated a class action lawsuit in federal court against these corporations with a goal to ensure consumer rights and corporate accountability.

Unveiling Alleged Deception

The lawsuit claims that Botanic Tonics and 7-Eleven potentially misled consumers through their advertising strategies for Feel Free. Our lawsuit suggests that these corporations presented Feel Free as a safe, non-alcoholic kava beverage, while allegedly hiding its high kratom concentration – a substance labelled as an opioid by the FDA. We further allege that the formula of the drink was altered to intensify its psychoactive and addictive effects. Our lawsuit also raises concerns about the targeted marketing towards vulnerable demographics such as sobriety-challenged individuals and college students without adequate disclosures about the potential risks and addictive nature of the drink. The ultimate aim of the lawsuit is to hold these companies accountable and ensure transparency and informed decision-making for consumers.

Real Stories, Real Consequences

We’ve been contacted by numerous individuals claiming to have been negatively impacted by Feel Free. These personal accounts, telling tales of unsuspected addiction, health complications, personal strife, and emotional distress, underscore the potential harm caused by the alleged deceptive marketing practices. Each story fuels our commitment to justice and highlights the human cost of such alleged corporate misconduct.

Investigation in Progress

Our dedicated legal team is actively probing these allegations. Through rigorous examination of evidence, witness testimonials, and exhaustive exploration of all legal possibilities, we are committed to a thorough investigation. While we’ve made considerable progress, the investigation continues and we are determined to pursue every aspect of the case.

We Are Here to Listen

If Feel Free has affected you or someone you know, we urge you to contact us. Your experience is important and could potentially contribute to our ongoing investigation and pursuit of justice. You can reach us at (415) 495-7800 or feelfree@arnslaw.com.

Please note that contacting us does not automatically enroll you for legal representation, but it does provide an opportunity for you to contribute to the ongoing investigation.

Let’s join forces to uphold consumer rights and strive towards justice.

Note: The allegations discussed are based on the filed lawsuit and are yet to be proven in court.

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