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Consumer rights include a broad array of protections. Federal and California state laws protect consumers from false advertising, unfair business practices, monopoly and predatory pricing, product defects, and consumer safety issues. Consumers are also protected from defective and impure products, violations by corporations of consumer privacy, and excessive and hidden fees. Various statutes present a variety of procedures and remedies for violations of these federal and California state laws. Therefore, if you believe you are the victim of consumer fraud, you should seek counsel from a skilled and experienced consumer rights attorney.

At Arns Davis Law, our consumer rights attorneys will investigate your claim and advise you on the options offered by the law. Conferring with a consumer rights attorney who knows the law, strategies, and how to proceed in a manner that meets your goals and expectations is the first step to getting justice.

What are consumer rights?

Consumers are entitled to basic rights including, but not limited to:

  • right to safety
  • right to be informed
  • right to choose
  • right to be heard

Unfortunately within the marketplace- online, in the store, or at home- violations of these rights are very common leaving consumers vulnerable to serious harm. Common violations of consumer rights look like:

  • False Advertising: when a company makes false, deceptive or misleading claims about a product or service, including but not limited to: where a product was made, the value of a product/service, incomplete or inaccurate ingredients listings
  • Unlawful Business Practices: misrepresentation, predatory pricing, noncompliance with safety and manufacturing stnadards, disparagement of a business by another business, fake contests or prizes or other false offers, unauthorized disclosure of personal information (credit card/financial, health/medical)

Consumer Protection Class Action Lawsuits

California law permits class action lawsuits to benefit all consumers if they have a common interest or a common grievance and are seeking the same relief against the violator. The interest in policing the marketplace is served by combining all of the smaller claims into one lawsuit, to resolve the issue all together. This saves the judicial system, and the consumers, money and time. The threat of a class action lawsuit can help to maintain a better marketplace for all consumers.

Once a consumer class action is filed, the court determines whether there is enough similarity in harm, the circumstances of the harm, and the relief sought to certify a class. This means that the original plaintiff represents the interests of all similarly situated consumers. The judge presiding over the class action will determine the validity of those similarities, and whether they outweigh the differences among the members of the purported class. Because liability for the defendant corporations gets magnified once a class is certified, class actions often serve as a deterrent to future improprieties as well as an incentive to settle.

How We Can Help You

Federal and California courts interpret the scope of consumer protection in different ways. Arns Davis Law can help you choose the proper forum in which to bring a consumer rights action because of its experience and full understanding of the legal authority and remedies available under each statute and procedure.

Experience in litigating a class action consumer suit is also important. You want to retain a consumer rights attorney who possesses a full arsenal of ways in which to stop the offending defendant and secure a settlement that compensates for harm, and deters future offenses. Some of our recent cases and results include:

  • $20 million for class action against Facebook for alleged violations of right of publicity
  • $24.3 million class action against Blue Shield for alleged deceptive rollout of Covered California treater networks
  • $10.5 million against Wells Fargo Bank for alleged improper late fees
  • Ongoing class action lawsuit against Agro Research International, LLC for its alleged false advertising and misrepresentations relating to its “WeedSlayer” product that was advertised and marketed as “organic” but contained synthetic ingredients prohibited for organic use by the USDA and CDFA

When You Need a Consumer Rights Lawyer in the San Francisco Bay Area, Call Arns Davis Law

At Arns Davis Law, we guide our clients with dignity and respect throughout the legal process from initial consultation through settlement. Our advocacy is supported by a thorough knowledge of the law, experience with negotiation and litigation, and genuine people skills. Add to the mix a devotion to ethical principles and passion. That’s what we offer to you at Arns Davis Law. Our attorneys will listen, ask the right questions, and use their legal knowledge and experience to forge a strategy to hold defendants accountable for your injury and full compensation for your economic and non-economic losses.

Call or contact Arns Davis Law online to schedule a meeting with one of our lawyers.

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