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Catastrophic injuries are those that result in permanent disability and a change in the quality of life, or death. A two-car accident, a car collides with a pedestrian, a fire breaks out in an apartment building, a slip and fall, medical malpractice, a product failure—any of these incidents might cause catastrophic injuries. And 40% of catastrophic incidents cause death.

These injuries can deplete finances, cause prolonged pain and trauma, amass enormous medical bills, impact future earnings, and unravel your family’s financial and emotional security.

Catastrophic injuries have massive consequences, both economic and personal. Expenses can be enormous: emergency and continuing medical care, visiting nurse and home health care, medication, physical and occupational therapies, counseling, medical equipment, retrofitting your home to accommodate a wheelchair, hospital bed, and other equipment, lost wages, pain and suffering, emotional distress, disfigurement, and of course, loss of companionship, sexual activity, and quality of life.

At Arns Davis Law we have compassionate and skilled catastrophic injury attorneys to listen, investigate, and aggressively pursue your claims to the fullest extent of the law.

Types of Catastrophic Injury Cases

Many circumstances can produce catastrophic injury. The most common home injuries are falls, fires, poisoning (including drug overdoses), and drowning. Outside the home, catastrophic injuries most commonly result from vehicular accidents, workplace hazards, slips and falls, medical malpractice, and product failures.

The focus on defining catastrophic injury is on the permanent and life changing injury: loss of a limb, vision or hearing loss, permanent internal injuries, brain injuries, spinal damage and paralysis, and death.

However, finding the culpable people or corporations and demanding full compensation for these catastrophic injuries requires skill and a full understanding of legal liability. Whether the injuries resulted from medical malpractice, workplace accident, vehicular accidents, or product failure, the knowledgeable catastrophic injury attorneys at Arns Davis Law are available to San Francisco Bay Area and Northern California victims to guide you through recovery and compensation.

Economic/Non-Economic Damages

The economic expenses resulting from catastrophic injuries might include medical care, projected future medical care, lost income and future lost earnings, rehabilitative care, home care, assistive medical devices, medications, and monitoring equipment. However, catastrophic injuries involve more: physical pain and suffering, emotional and psychological anxiety, loss of quality of life, disfigurement and disability, and emotional injuries suffered by loved ones.

Compensation in a Catastrophic Injury Case

Some compensation for catastrophic injury is easier to prove than others. Economic losses—lost wages for missed work, property damage, and medical expenses—are easier to document than more personal losses. How do we put a monetary value on persistent pain, lingering anxiety due to post-traumatic stress, loss of companionship, and the disruption to family life? Here is where the experience, and skill, of a catastrophic injury attorney can make the difference in whether and how much compensation you might recover.

How Were You Injured?

An obstetrician delays inducing labor causing a permanent birth injury in your newborn. A vehicular accident results in a neck and spinal cord injury or even paralysis. A fall on a broken staircase in an office building results in traumatic brain injury. A faulty machine causes loss of hearing or sight. A misdiagnosis requires an amputation or facial injury. You are left with chronic pain and permanent disabilities. How you were injured is an important aspect of recovery for catastrophic injury. Finding the culpable defendant and pursuing all avenues to ensure full compensation is what catastrophic injury lawyers do. And that’s what Arns Davis Law knows how to do in service of its clients.

What To Do When Facing a Catastrophic Injury

  • Hire an experienced catastrophic injury attorney: When facing a catastrophic injury or wrongful death, the first thing you should do is contact a catastrophic injury attorney who can immediately investigate your claim and preserve all of your options.
  • Maintain records: You can remain an active participant in your recovery by maintaining records, and even keeping a diary to track the changes in your life, organize medical bills, home care services, medication expenses, and therapy appointments. But that’s not all. You should also document any conversations you have with providers, including your lawyer, to keep track of the timeline of your recovery and pursuit of compensation.
  • Gather evidence: You want to make sure that you have available all of the records you need to prove your claim, including accident reports, photographs of the site of the accident and of your injuries, witness names and contact information, witness statements, physical evidence of the harm caused, insurance carriers and coverage, and documents showing your loss of income and quality of life.

When You Need a Catastrophic Injury Lawyer in the San Francisco Bay Area, Call Arns Davis Law

At the Arns Davis Law, we guide our clients with dignity and respect throughout the legal process from initial consultation through settlement. Being the victim of a catastrophic injury requires that you surround yourself with people who will advocate for your best interests. That advocacy needs to be supported by a thorough knowledge of the law, experience with negotiation and litigation, and genuine people skills. Add to the mix a devotion to ethical principles and passion. That’s what we offer to you at Arns Davis Law. Our attorneys will listen, ask the right questions, and use their legal knowledge and experience to forge a strategy to hold defendants accountable for your injury and full compensation for your economic and non-economic losses.

Contact us online or call Arns Davis Law to schedule a meeting with one of our lawyers.

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