Class Actions and Complex Litigation

Cases that involve large groups of people or particularly intricate legal issues are referred to as complex litigation. Common among these cases are class actions. Class actions are procedural mechanisms available under both California and federal law through which individuals who have suffered injuries similar to a “class” of people can sue on behalf of that class of people in court and recover damages or penalties for everyone.

Claims that are often brought as class actions include:

  • Wage theft, including denial of overtime or meal and rest breaks
  • Violations of consumer privacy, such as data breaches
  • Unfair or fraudulent business practices
  • Shareholder derivative suits
  • Antitrust actions

Class actions provide a means by which workers and the public can collectively hold institutions accountable for violations of the law and effect systemic change.

If you have been the victim of unlawful or unfair conduct by an institution, and you believe others may have been similarly harmed, your case could be pursued as a class action. Class actions are procedurally complex and should be pursued by attorneys with class action experience. Arns Davis Law attorneys routinely litigate class actions, and have been appointed as “Class Counsel” by state and federal courts in California.

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