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The Role of Insurance and Indemnity Agreements in Construction Injury Litigation

In the realm of personal injury law, especially within the construction industry, insurance and indemnity agreements play a pivotal role. Understanding the admissibility of such agreements is paramount for trial attorneys and plaintiff counsels. Despite being largely overlooked, these agreements can prove instrumental in unmasking hidden biases or potential motives of witnesses. Significance of Insurance and Indemnity Agreements In most personal injury cases, defendants aim to exclude all evidence suggesting the existence of insurance or indemnity agreements, as per Evidence Code § 1155. However, in certain instances, such as complex construction cases, the decision not to contest this motion may ...

By |25/09/2023|

Mastering the Art of Jury Selection: A Comprehensive Guide for Attorneys

When it comes to litigation, one of the most critical stages is jury selection. The composition of the jury can significantly influence the outcome of a case. This comprehensive guide aims to provide attorneys with the necessary insights and strategies to effectively conduct jury selection, ensuring a fair and unbiased jury for their clients. Understanding the Basics of Jury Selection The jury selection process, also known as voir dire, is a critical phase in both civil and criminal trials. It provides attorneys with the opportunity to evaluate potential jurors and remove those who might be biased or unable to judge ...

By |18/09/2023|

The First 90 Days of a Workers’ Compensation Claim in California: A Comprehensive Guide

Navigating your way through the workers' compensation process can be a daunting task, especially in the first 90 days following an injury or illness. In California, the laws governing workers' compensation are complex and can be challenging to understand. This guide is intended to provide a comprehensive understanding of what you need to know and do within this critical timeframe. Understanding Workers' Compensation Workers' compensation is a form of insurance that provides wage replacement and medical benefits to employees who sustain injuries or illnesses as a result of their employment. In California, all employers are required to provide this coverage, ...

By |11/09/2023|

Adolph v. Uber: The California Supreme Court Cements the Rights of Employees Faced With Binding Arbitration

Introduction Among California’s strong protections for employees, the case of Adolph v. Uber Technologies, Inc. has emerged as a significant milestone. This landmark case provides a crucial interpretation of the Private Attorneys General Act (PAGA) and its relationship with individual arbitration agreements. The ruling has far-reaching implications for employees and employers throughout the state, allowing employees to maintain representative actions in court notwithstanding agreements to arbitrate disputes with their employer on an individual basis. This article will delve into the intricacies of the Adolph v. Uber case and explore its implications for the various stakeholders involved. Understanding PAGA: A Brief ...

By |28/08/2023|

Demystifying California’s Unfair Competition Law

‍California is home to some of the most powerful consumer protection laws in the United States. These legal safeguards aim to defend consumers from deceptive business practices and hold businesses accountable for their actions. Among these laws, the Unfair Competition Law (UCL) plays a pivotal role. This article will delve into the nuances of the UCL, its three significant prongs - unlawful, unfair, and fraudulent - and its interplay with other consumer protection laws such as the False Advertising Law (FAL) and the Consumer Legal Remedies Act (CLRA). An Overview of the Unfair Competition Law (UCL) California's Unfair Competition Law ...

By |23/08/2023|

Weed Slayer Litigation False Advertising

We are representing all consumers that purchased Weed Slayer as well as a sub-class of commercial growers who suffered harm to their sales or reputation because they can no longer sell their affected crops as organic. Class Action Lawsuit has filed a federal class action lawsuit in the Northern District of California on behalf of consumers who purchased the popular herbicide Weed Slayer, alleging that its manufacturer, Agro Research International, falsely represented that the herbicide was organic and contained only natural ingredients. The lawsuit contends that, in reality, Weed Slayer contains synthetic chemicals—glyphosate and diquat—that are prohibited by federal law for use ...

By |29/12/2021|

San Jose State University Sexual Abuse

We are representing several former student-athletes at San Jose State University (“SJSU”), alleging that they were the victims of sexual abuse, harassment, and discrimination by employees of California State University (“CSU”), including former SJSU athletic trainer Scott Shaw. Sexual Abuse Claims The claims allege that the CSU knew of a pattern of repeated sexual abuse by Shaw but was “deliberately indifferent to a substantial risk of sexual abuse to its students.” Instead of taking action against Shaw following an internal investigation in 2009-2010, the CSU promoted him to lead the department, during which time the claims allege his sexually abusive ...

By |29/12/2021|

Press Release SJSU DOJ

 represents a number of former San Jose State University (SJSU) student-athletes who allege they were sexually abused by athletic trainer Scott Shaw, and that SJSU knew of this pattern of abuse but failed to take any action to protect its students. Our clients allege that SJSU minimized and ignored their reports, stating in an official finding in 2010 that no inappropriate conduct occurred. For over a decade, our clients were led to believe that conduct they suffered was permissible. Last year, SJSU reversed its own findings, acknowledging that Shaw sexually harassed student-athletes, but took no position as to the ...

By |29/12/2021|

Lawsuit Alleges 150 North Pacific Red Salmon Cannery Workers Held in Forced Unpaid Quarantine at Crowne Plaza LAX Hotel

A lawsuit filed today in San Francisco Superior Court alleges that up to 150 cannery workers are being held in unpaid confinement at the Crowne Plaza LAX Hotel. The suit alleges the workers, mostly young adults from Mexico and parts of the United States, are being forced to remain in their rooms for 14 days, are being provided only two meals and are forbidden to access any hotel services. ​The suit alleges on June 2, 2020, prospective cannery workers from Mexico and other parts of the United States were directed to travel to the Crowne Plaza LAX Hotel. The workers ...

By |29/12/2021|

Gig-Sharing Litigation Employee Misclassification

We are NO LONGER representing Instacart delivery workers across the country in pursuing class action lawsuits for misclassification as independent contractors. However, we are still investigating claims against other gig-sharing companies and have an active case--currently up on appeal--against Postmates. Instacart Class Action Lawsuit Settlements The Instacart workers formerly represented by claimed they were entitled to be reimbursed for expenses, such as fuel, parking fees, vehicle maintenance, and vehicle-related insurance. Additionally, they contended that Instacart has refused to pay their wages, overtime wages, income tax contributions, and certain benefits required by state and federal law. They also contended ...

By |29/12/2021|
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