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Arns Davis Law represents a number of former San Jose State University (SJSU) student-athletes who allege they were sexually abused by athletic trainer Scott Shaw, and that SJSU knew of this pattern of abuse but failed to take any action to protect its students. Our clients allege that SJSU minimized and ignored their reports, stating in an official finding in 2010 that no inappropriate conduct occurred.

For over a decade, our clients were led to believe that conduct they suffered was permissible.

Last year, SJSU reversed its own findings, acknowledging that Shaw sexually harassed student-athletes, but took no position as to the adequacy of its own investigation. The United States Department of Justice’s findings today change that and vindicate what our clients have alleged all along.

The DOJ found that SJSU’s “ineffective” response to the sexual abuse complaints violated Title IX and rendered its student-athletes vulnerable to sexual harassment. It also found that SJSU violated Title IX by retaliating against employees who raised concerns that SJSU had mishandled its investigation into the allegations of sexual abuse.

As a result of the findings, SJSU will be taking a number of steps to reform its Title IX compliance and will offer financial restitution to individuals who were subject to abuse by Shaw.

Shounak S. Dharap, an attorney at Arns Davis Law, commented:

Over the past several months, many of our clients have participated in the DOJ’s investigation. They are gratified to have been able to support the DOJ’s tireless efforts to ensure that future students will be protected against the trauma and harm they suffered.

In light of these findings, our clients are left with one question: Why did SJSU fail, for decades, to take action to protect its student-athletes from a known threat?

This question drives our clients’ continued pursuit of justice through their civil claims, which allege not only violations of Title IX, but also violations of federal and state civil rights, gender violence, sexual battery, and negligence/gross negligence.

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